Data Center

State-of-the-art Technology & 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
We spend a lot in data centers located in Chicago and Hong Kong. We utilize the world-class data centers to provide you with fast and reliable ASP.NET hosting service.

In order to create a reliable hosting environment, we make use of the top-level data centers equipped with fully redundant power supply, making sure that the servers, ventilation, heating and air conditioning keep working well all the time. The backup generators can operate automatically within seconds when the data centers suffer power loss. Under this condition, we guarantee there is no power interruption.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an electrical facility used to provide emergency power when the input power source fails. Each of our data centers is equipped with UPS, which keeps supplying servers with lighting, ventilation, heating and air conditioning. Under any circumstances, the power supply would never interrupt. Once the power fails, the N+1 generator will work automatically to cut into the power supply system.

Network Environment

host4asp hosting room

Host4ASP.NET's commitment to hosting speed goes with a multi-layer network to shorten the path between your websites and visitors. Attribute to the faster rate, lower latency, and unbeatable reliability, visitors are able to access to your site at a fast speed.

With Host4ASP.NET, your website will not be interrupted by network congestion and all the applications can respond quickly. Our network is far faster than other competitors' in the industry.

We make full use of the parallel, redundant and multi-level network architecture. Our network equipment includes the top-level network routing and switching facilities running with a wide array of carriers and switches. We equip each facility with the maximum of bandwidth to ensure high throughput.

The management center of our company keeps monitoring the servers daylong. Our technicians have the ability to ensure the security and reliability of all the facilities. The support team owns Cisco Certification and they are professional enough to solve any network issues promptly. We equip all data centers of redundant network. We assure that every hosted website is developed in a reliable and secure hosting environment. In any case, our hosting service is never out of service.

SAS 70 Type II Authentication

SAS 70 Type II Authentication

SAS 70 Type II Authentication is an audit used to testify whether the data center is capable of ensuring data security, reliability, integrity and regulatory compliance. When sharing some sensitive data through the Internet, you need to seriously protect the data from leaking or stealing. However, for the data centers get the SAS 70 Type II Authentication, they are qualified to ensure the security of your data.

We utilize the SAS 70 Type II certified data centers. We make every effort to achieve this goal and finally get the SAS 70 Type II Authentication, which consumes a large amount of time and energy. We feel confident to guarantee that our data centers do accord with the highest level of SAS 70 Type II Authentication.