How to Create a New Email Account, Auto Responder and Email Forwarder in WebSitePanel?

How to Create a New Email Account, Auto Responder and Email Forwarder in WebSitePanel?

Communication in a blog is very important, and thus a blogger should ensure that they have the best communication channels to get to their readers. Email communication has been used by many people as the main means of communication and thus it should be made simple and concise. Bloggers have embraced live support on their blogs where readers can chat with them direct, but emails still remain the great method that bloggers use to converse with readers. You can create an email account in WebSitePanel and get the best out of your blog.

How to Create Email Account in WebSitePanel?

1. First login to your WebSitePanel and click “Accounts”. On the next screen, please click “Create Mail Account”.
create email accounts in websitepanel 1
2.From here, you can enter the mail details including the mail account name and your website domain, your password, your mailbox limit in terms of size and other optional details.
create email accounts in websitepanel 2
You will have created your email account which will be You can preview the email created. The email account will open, and you can manage it further from there.

How to Create Email Forwarder/Autoresponder in WebSitePanel?

After you create an email account in WebSitePanel, you need to have an email forwarder and email auto responder. This is a great feature that allows users to forward email messages from one email account to another with much ease. It is a simple task that even newbies online can carry out to enable them get the best out of their website. It enables the readers to get instant messages as soon as information comes to the site.
1. To create an email forwarder or autoresponder, you should first select the specified email account and click it to go to “Mail Account Properties” page.
2. Go to the Mail Forwarding section and enable the email forwarding feature before entering the email you want to forward the incoming mails to.
create email forwarder in websitepanel 1
3. If you’d like to set the autoresponder function, go to the Autoresponder section and enable the feature to get started. Draft the message you want to send to your visitors and add the subject.
create email autoreponder in websitepanel 1
You can also select when you want to send an automatic email and when to stop it.4. Click save and wait until all the changes are saved.

Why Do You Need to Have Email Forwarder and Email Auto-responder?

An email forwarder ensures that you get emails on many of your accounts to ensure that you give your visitors a fast reply. Visitors will trust you if you reply to their queries. You can forward emails from your website email to your personal email address that is linked to your phone that gives you an alert once you receive an email.
An email auto-responder takes care of your visitors when you are not online or after working hours. It shows your visitors that you will take care of their issues and make it easy to keep visitors coming back to your site. Create an email account in Website Panel today and see the benefits.