InterServer.NET Windows Hosting Review


Founded in 1999, Interserver.NET is a famed web hosting company for offering reliable and affordable ASP.NET hosting to individuals and small-business people. With over ten years’ development, InterServer.NET Windows hosting has been becoming well-received in the industry.

In below, we will review InterServer.NET ASP.NET hosting on features, price, uptime & speed and customer supports to illustrate why InterServer.NET is a high quality ASP.NET hosting providers WorldWide.

InterServer.NET Windows Hosting Review on Features

A very comprehensive range of Windows hosting features are provided by InterServer.NET to ensure their Windows hosting customers can make full use of for their websites. Main features will be displayed in the following:

  • ASP.NET hosting plan is powered by Windows Server 2012 R2, the latest platform offered by Microsoft. More and more users choose it because of its familiar interface, ease of use and wide-ranging support for web coding languages.
  • With Internet Information Services 7.x/8.x/10.x , ASP.NET customers can not only simplify development, deployment, and configuration of web applications and services, but implement powerful web solutions as well as decrease downtime.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012+ are available, which is capable of hundreds of thousands of transactions per day. It also enables developers to build powerful database applications to meet any business requirement.
  • ASP.NET AJAX is built into .NET 4.0, allowing customers to create Web 2.0, enhance existing pages, access remote services and data and etc.It
  • Microsoft Sliverlight, a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in, offers a flexible programming model that support multitude of languages, such as AJAX, VB, Python and more.

InterServer.NET Pricing

InterServer.NET provides customers with affordable ASP.NET hosting service, which price only starts from $8/mo. If there is an increasing need of their websites, ASP.NET hosting customers can easily upgrade their websites to more advanced plans.

And now, people could follow this exclusive InterServer.NET promotion link to receive 20% off, after which the price is $6.4/mo only. This is one of the most affordable Windows hosting in the industry.

Moreover, InterServer.NET ensures every customer 30-day money back guarantee. Customers can get full money back within the first 30 days and prorate money back after that period.

InterServer.NET Exclusive Deal InterServer.NET Exclusive Deal
20% Off

InterServer.NET Windows VPS looks more attractive, be honest. Their Windows VPS comes with 2 CPU core, 4 GB memory, and 60GB SSD storage, the price is at $20/mo only, this is really one of the most affordable Windows VPS in this industry.

InterServer.NET Windows Hosting Reliability

InterServer.NET sees its mission in providing ASP.NET customers extremely fast speed and almost maximum uptime as well as a secure environment.

InterServer.NET always keeps pace with the latest web server technology. All websites are hosted on Dell web server running Dual Quad Core Processors with 16GB RAM.  Its servers are directly connected to first-class fiber optic networks which guarantee customers access to superior website experience and fully-redundant and secure environment.

At InterServer.NET, ASP.NET hosting customers can be ensured with psychical and network security. Its data centers implement multiple security protections, such as card access, 24-hour security, 24 hour monitoring, power systems, constant cooling system and more.

InterServer.NET Windows Support Service for Customers

InterServer.NET claims to be proud of its supporting staffs who are committed to offering around the clock specialized ASP.NET assistances via a great deal of supporting ways, like phone call, email and live chat.

If customers have any queries or problems, InterServer.NET supporting team will offer help in the most effective way. They are patient and responsible enough, so customers do not need to worry about anything.

InterServer.NET Windows Hosting is Recommended

According to what have been discussed above, it is easy to make a conclusion that InterServer.NET ASP.NET hosting has rich features, cheap price, dedicated customer supports and high performance reliability, so it can be highly recommended to customers.

For more information about InterServer.NET ASP.NET hosting, customers can visit InterServer.NET.


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