How to Complete the Payment via Host4ASP.NET Billing System

When you purchase our product, you might get some trouble in the process of payment for some wrong operation or else. Whatever, here you can get some ideas about how to complete your payment without much worry, thus you can keep the process going easily as well as efficiently. Now follow the steps in below according to different situation.

Situation 1: how to complete your payment after submitting my order?

Step 1: Login your Host4ASP.NET client area

Step 2: Click Billing -> My Invoices

Under the drop-down menu of Billing, you can see My Invoices, choose that option.

Step 3 Check you bill

You need to click My Invoice, and to check your bill.

Step 4 Complete your payment

After that, you can choose to make your payment by credit card or PayPal.

Step 5  Turn to the page of paying and finish your payment

Situation 2: what if you need to make a new order that is the same with your previous one and you failed?

Step 1 Cancel your original order

Visit to contact us via live chat. We can help you cancel your order and then you can make your new order by yourself. Or you can submit a ticket for canceling order in client-area, and we can do that for you.

Step 2 Make the order again

You need to login the client area: