I signed up using my own domain and updated my DNS. Why doesn't my domain work?

Step 1 Check NS record or A record

To ensure that the NS/A record(s) is correct. Here are our NS records:

  • ns1.host4asp.net
  • ns2.host4asp.net

A record:

You can access to the site: whois.domaintools.com and enter your domain name, all related information will show up, including the current NS records.

Step 2 Make sure your domain resolved successfully

If you are sure that NS/A record(s) is correct, here is another thing can cause the domain resolution failed. It's the time, it usually takes 2-48 hours until the resolution completed, so you are supposed to wait longer patiently.


In addition

You can use the third-party DNS to complete the process. We recommend you to the DNSPod.

The site is https://www.dnspod.com.

After finished all above, you need to modify the NS records as followed from your current domain registrar:

  • f1g1ns1.dnspod.net
  • f1g1ns2.dnspod.net


Access to my site temporarily

Adding the following record into the "hosts" file on your computer: yourdomain.com


The path of "hosts" file is: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc 

As you can see, you just input the host4asp IP with your domain. That's it. Now, you can enter your website successfully.

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