Best ASP.NET Hosting

ASP.NET is the best web development language used to develop dynamic websites on Windows platform. However, finding the best ASP.NET hosting is not that easy as for the rich features required to run a powerful ASP.NET website. After doing reviews for hundreds of web hosts who offer Windows web hosting, we list out top 5 best ASP.NET hosting below, they offer fast & reliable web hosting for ASP.NET website at an affordable price.

RankWeb HostFeaturesPriceRating
#1Plesk-enabled ASP.NET Hosting$3.95/mo5
#2100% focusing on Windows Web Hosting$3.95/mo4.8
#3DiscountASP.NETOperated by a Group of ASP.NET experts$5/mo4.5
#4HostGatorASP.NET hosting from one of the Largest Web Hosts4.5
#5SmarterASP.NETCheapest ASP.NET Hosting4.2

Bisend – #1 Best ASP.NET Hosting

Bisend is our most favorite web host for ASP.NET. The company is led by a group of ASP.NET experts and server admins who know the requirements of ASP.NET website well. As their clients, you will get a hosting environment with the latest Microsoft technology and also could be compatible with old version of ASP.NET so you won’t have any issue to run your website.

Bisend provide their clients with Plesk, the industry best control panel on Windows Server, which come with rich features, including:

  • IIS 8.x, Dedicated Application Pools, URL Rewrite Module and Full trust App support
  • ASP.NET Core 3.x, ASP.NET 4.8 to 2.0, all versions of ASP.NETMVC, MySQL 5.x, SQL Server 2012/2014/2016/2017/2019, PHP 7.x
  • 1-click application installer from DotNetNuke, nopCommerce, WordPress and more

Besides the rich features, Bisend build their ASP.NET hosting on top of cloud technology with SSD storage, high performance CPU and minimal 128GB memory, with which your website could run very fast and reliable. They offer cheap shared hosting from $3.95/mo only, and you could upgrade to Windows VPS, Windows Dedicated Server if your website have high demand on server resources.

In terms of customer support, Bisend engineers are all experienced ASP.NET developers and their founders are Microsoft ex-employees, which means they could offer very friendly customer support to their customers, and would like to help resolving all the hosting related to your website, even the issues might be caused by your scripts.

Bisend provides one of the best ASP.NET hosting in the industry for its affordable price, rich feature, professional customer support, and high reliability. It’s highly recommended for developers, business owners and anyone who plan to build a web site based on ASP.NET.

Winhost – Fast ASP.NET Hosting

As for Winhost, the company only focuses on Windows hosting, aiming to offering the most reliable hosting solution at an affordable price, especially for individuals and small business owners.

Like the two Windows hosting providers, Winhost also provides its customers with two hosting plans, Winhost Basic and Winhost Max. At this company, customers can get 3GB web space, 50GB data transfer, web-based ASP.NET control panel, Windows server 2012, 2008, IIS 7,8, full & medium trust, URL rewrite, 100MB memory allocation and isolated application tool.

Furthermore, Winhost Windows hosting customers can get one MS SQL and MySQL database, ASP.NET 2.0/3.5 SP1/4.0/4.5, ASP.NET MVC 5/4/3/2/1, Silverlight, ASP.NET AJAX, XML web services, shared SSL certificate and more.

To make more customers get the service easily, Winhost offers an affordable price to all of its customers and the price starts from $3.95/mo. Moreover, if webmasters intend to host a more powerful website at Winhost, they can freely upgrade their accounts to a more advanced plan, Winhost Max, whose price is set at $7.95/mo.

By visiting or check Winhost Review, customers can get to know more details about Winhost Windows hosting.


DiscountASP.NET is an industry-leading Windows hosting provider. It has gained the recognition from Microsoft with the Gold Hosting Competency and a member of Microsoft SPLA program.

DiscountASP.NET supports Classic ASP 3.0. Customers will choose the operating system from Windows 2012 and 2008. Accordingly, they will receive IIS 8.x and IIS 7.x, plus IIS Manager. Furthermore, DiscountASP.NET wrote its own control panel that is easy to use. SQL management, domain management, account management, etc. integrate into a panel.

What’s more, DiscountASP.NET takes advantage of 2 datacenters located in 2 continents to better maintain reliability and speed for its customers around the world. It also uses Dell servers and redundant network capacity. So the uptime of DiscountASP.NET Classic ASP hosting is 99.9%. In addition to that, the company gathers its human resources to resolve problems of its customers via the support portal requiring login credentials.

As for the price, DiscountASP.NET charges a little higher at $10 per month. If people purchase its Classic ASP hosting from our link below, they will get 50% off and spend $5/mo. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee is included in the package too.


Now, let’s move to HostGator. Since 2002, HostGator has been in existence committing to offering top-notch Windows hosting over 200 countries. Up till now, the company employs more than 750 staffs to try their best to deliver the best possible environment for webmasters to host their websites at HostGator.

HostGator offers two Windows hosting solutions, namely Personal Plan and Enterprise Plan. Choosing this company to host their websites, customers can get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, 1 domain, Windows 2008, IIS7, classic ASP, ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, AJAX, unlimited MS SQL and MySQL databases, shared SSL certificate, as well as medium trust level, dedicated application tool, ASP.NET MVC 3/4, Plesk control panel, URL rewrite and more.

As for the price of HostGator Windows hosting, the company offers some discounts to customers. With the newest promotion, the discounted price starts from $4.76/mo by default. Now, with our exclusive coupon code “besthsot365”, the price can be cut down to $4.17/mo, 30%off the regular price.

If webmasters intend to get more information about HostGator Windows hosting, they can visit or check HostGator ASP.NET Review.

SmarterASP.NET – Cheapest ASP.NET Hosting

SmarterASP.NET has been focusing on Windows hosting business since its inception in 1999. And it’s one of few web hosts who develop billing system and Windows server control panel by their own. Their whole system are developed using ASP.NET so you are ensured to get the support from ASP.NET experts. SmarterASP.NET has Windows server 2016/2012/2008 R2, MS SQL 2017/2016/2014/2012, Full Trust and Medium Trust Supported and URL Rewrite Module 2. In addition to that, SmarterASP.NET scripting features are also high-end and updated, including ASP.NET from version 2.0 to 4.5.1, ASP.NET Core, Classic ASP, Change .Net Versions, ScriptMap Setup, MVC 5/4/3/2/1, etc.

SmarterASP.NET has one trial plan that people can use for 60 days without any charge. And its paid Windows hosting is also affordable, starting from 2.95/mo. Furthermore, a longer billing cycle creates a lower price, which is lowest at $2.5/mo, 15% off the regular $2.95/mo. More than that, SmarterASP.NET money back guarantee is industry-leading, which is valid in the first 60 days.

SmarterASP.NET makes 99.9% uptime a simple guarantee via 3 world-class datacenters, rock-solid hardware and network experts. To be specific, each datacenter is equipped with UPS system, diesel backup generators and cooling infrastructures. Furthermore, each datacenter has multiple fiber trunks from multiple top bandwidth providers as well.

It is easy to get SmarterASP.NET Windows hosting support since SmarterASP.NET offers the most convenient support method – 24/7 live chat. On top of that, SmarterASP.NET also has a Helpdesk, ready to help around the clock. What’s more, people can visit SmarterASP.NET knowledge base, fixing problems by themselves.

How to Find the Best ASP.NET Hosting

A good ASP.NET hosting is very much important for each and every websites. As web hosting is a main pillar of a website, your brand and your business. It plays a critical role for your online business. Any website solely depends on their web hosting, and if it doesn’t work properly than believe me you are going to have hard time. And it can ruin your whole work that you were doing since year. So be wise while giving your web hosting on right hands.

Many people especially in blogging field must know that what web hosting is. But if you are a beginner or newbie in this field and don’t know what is web hosting then keep reading as I am going to explain what is web hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

You all must be using computers and laptops. And on computers you store all your data’s like music, documents, images etc. That all data directly gets stored on Hard disk (Memory of a computer).

Same all the web pages are stored on a computer. But the difference is that the web pages are generally intended to be seen by public people. The computer in which web pages are stored is called as web server. The web server is connected to high speed internet 24/7. The web server servers the pages by request of the user on internet.

Tips to buy Web Hosting.

It’s really difficult to choose any web hosting, because we gets confused by many companies whelming offers and there promotions. But here I am going to give few to choose and buy best hosting company.

  • Check Reviews

The simple way to know about any hosting company is just type “ASP.NET hosting review” on search engines and you will get many web hosting site’s review about web hosting companies by the experienced user. So that you will come to know that whether it ‘as service is good or worse.

  • Try to Separate Domain and hosting.

The main reason is that it is very difficult to find a good hosting company which provides excellent service on registering domain and hosting a web site at the same time. Although there are many companies which provide both, but selecting that would quite be risky.

Many will be disagree with me. But I want to ask question what if hosting company decides to go down. Your domain name is your online presence in whole world. So choose its registrar wisely.

  • Check Company History

Some web hosts might guarantee you tons of features at very low price. It really doesn’t mean you could get it. Check the history of a company to make sure they have been in business for long and are experienced in handling the issues its customers might face.

  • Complete Hosting.

Make sure that your hosting company offers complete package. Complete hosting means whether the hosting company is providing 27/7 live support/ billing system and complete site.

  • Buy hosting with coupon codes to get discount.

There are many hosting companies which provide discounts on one year subscription or they give web hosting coupon. Using those codes you can avail your discount.

  • Check creation date of hosting company.

You can check the creation date of a company by simply visiting There you will find the creation date of a hosting company. If you find that the company is less than a month and they offering unlimited hosting then don’t buy from them. There would be 80% chances that you will be scammed by them.

  • Money Back Guarantee

Web Hosting is a service sold online normally. In most case, only after you deploy the site on it, you could know how well it could be suitable for your site. So, it would be great if you web hosts could offer some money back period, during which you could get the money back if you are not satisfied with their service. In most cases, those companies will allow for 30 days trial period, and some web hosts, like HostGator, might give you 45 days.


We have received many questions from our readers regarding ASP.NET hosting, and we prepare the answers for some common questions and list them in below.

Can I host ASP.NET on Linux Server?

The answer is NO for sure. Even you might run ASP.NET on a Linux server, for some well-known reason, IIS is obviously the best. In the hosting industry, NO web host offer Linux hosting with ASP.NET feature.

Is Cheap ASP.NET hosting Reliable?

Yes or No. Even though Windows hosting is more expensive than LInux Hosting due to cost on Windows License, the price of Windows Hosting is quite affordable now, the price of many great ASP.NET hosting could be as low as $3.95/mo. So, the cheap ASP.NET hosting could be reliable. But, when getting cheap ASP.NET hosting, it’s better to look at some big web hosts as they could manage cost better than the small web hosts so they could ensure a good quality service when selling them cheap.

Is Free Windows Hosting Good?

No, we suggest never consider free Windows hosting for your website. There is no support, no SLA, and no backup of those service, your website might be gone at any time. If their hosting service is not reliable, Google might punish your website to rank it low, which might waste all your marketing effort.