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In general, we divide web hosting solutions into shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting based on server resources. And Windows Dedicated server is the most advanced, reliable, secure, as well as expensive solution on Windows platform. Someone who purchases a dedicated server will not share the server with others ever. He can build one or multiple websites on the server. He can get control of the whole server.

In this post, we are going to talk about best dedicated servers based on Windows operating system. Through our research, we decide to name LiquidWeb, HostGator,  and GoDaddy as the Best Windows Dedicated Servers. In below, we will review them and explain why.

LiquidWeb – #1 Best Windows Dedicated Server

Founded 1997, LiquidWeb is an enterprise-class web hosting provider with 3 wholly-owned data centers in America. As well to known, a majority of web hosts have to rent data centers for hosting business because of high costs. But LiquidWeb owns 3. As for its services, LiquidWeb offers shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting and dedicated servers for both PHP and ASP.NET.

In below, we will focus on LiquidWeb dedicated servers based on Windows operating system. We are going to analyze its price value, performance, and customer support to reveal why it is one of the best Windows dedicated servers in the industry.

Price Value Review on LiquidWeb Windows Dedicated Server

LiquidWeb Windows dedicated servers combine rich features with affordable charges. Moreover, this web host provides customers with many options, so that they can configure a server closely fit for their demands.

Firstly, LiquidWeb gives OS options from Windows 2012 Standard 64-bit R2 and Windows 2012 Datacenter Edition. Besides, processors based on Intel Xeon series and AMD have single, dual, to quad choices. Moreover, customers will choose SQL server from SQL 2014 and 2012 with different editions, like SQL 2014 web edition.

Next, we take a smallest package of LiquidWeb Windows dedicated server as an example, from which readers can clearly see its price value.

The entry-level package is at $219 per month based on Windows 2012 Standard 64-bit R2. This package includes single processor, 4 cores, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 250 GB SSD RAID 1 hard drive, 1 TB SATA backup, 1 public IP, 5 TB monthly outbound bandwidth, free inbound bandwidth, SQL Server 2012 – Express edition and self/core/fully managed. The fully managed server contains Plesk control panel. Additionally, customers need not to pay for the setup either.

LiquidWeb Windows Dedicated LiquidWeb Windows Dedicated
High Value

From this package, we can see that LiquidWeb really gives a lot but charges reasonably.

LiquidWeb Windows Dedicated Server Performance Review

This company offers an enterprise level of performance based on its data centers, hardware, technology, and engineers. It provides not only 100% network uptime guarantee, but also 100% power uptime guarantee. And LiquidWeb has a loyal customer base at 30,000 just partly because of such great hosting performance.

In terms of data centers, it owns and self operates on 3 data centers in Lasing. What’s more, in US-West region, it also utilizes one data center for complementing the 3 data centers in US-Central region.

All 4 data centers are state of the art. Power systems are composed of redundant battery cabinets, Liebert Precision and Eaton Power distribution units, and standby emergency generators to ensure redundant power anytime. Moreover, advanced cooling systems and rock-solid cooling equipment support data centers to stably work.

Besides quality power and cooling equipment, other hardware used by LiquidWeb is also top-level to ensure high reliability. For example, it takes advantage of solid state drives for a better I/O performance. Network switches are from tier 1 provider Cisco as well.

Network connectivity at LiquidWeb is premium in the industry. It has selected first-class bandwidth providers, such as Cogent, Comcast, Level 3, etc. Furthermore, LiquidWeb offers direct connectivity to shorten paths between servers and its customers.

What’s more, LiquidWeb world-class Heroic Support team mans the US-Central data centers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, customers will get the fastest response time at this company. For example, LiquidWeb provides 30 minute hardware replacement time guarantee.

LiquidWeb Windows Dedicated Server Support Review

Going with LiquidWeb Windows web hosting, you can choose server managed type according to your demands. There are 3 managed types: self management, core management and fully management. It is LiquidWeb Heroic Support Team that is responsible for managing hardware, infrastructure, core software, etc. depending on which managed type customers pick up.

The team based in data centers has a group of passionate, professional, and experienced supporting staffs. They can give solutions very quickly to save your time. And they are working for you anytime you want.

In addition, LiquidWeb keeps helping you from them selecting servers, paying for servers, configuring servers, and using servers. What’s more, it is easy to get contact with them. Phone, live chat, and ticket are all available. Especially the former 2 could be answered less than 1 minute in average. Ticket is a little slower, but LiquidWeb has 30 minutes initial ticket response time guarantee too.

LiquidWeb has knowledgebase for people to look for solutions to frequent asked questions. In addition, it has abundant tutorials, which will help people solve problems as well.

Without any doubt, LiquidWeb customer support is really award winning.

LiquidWeb Windows Dedicated Server is one of the Best!

Based on above, we clearly see that LiquidWeb Windows dedicated server features high value and low cost. Due to multiple premium data centers, hardware, network, Heroic Support Team, and so on, LiquidWeb Windows dedicated server has a high level of performance and support. And LiquidWeb gives maximum flexibility to customers to design their own servers. Therefore, we highly recommend it to medium to large corporations throughout the world.

For more information about LiquidWeb and its Windows dedicated server, please visit

HostGator Windows Dedicated Server

Brent Oxley founded HostGator in 2002. Since then, this company has been developing fast. In 2012, it was acquired by EIG, a magnate in the web hosting industry. HostGator mainly offers web hosting solutions. It also gives domain support. To better serve its clients throughout the world, it set global offices in various places.

A little information about dedicated servers is here. Dedicated servers are choices of big companies and organizations that have high requirements on server security, server operating speed, stability, etc. They can own a whole server for their online business. Dedicated servers are the most expensive web hosting type too.

Above are some backgrounds of HostGator and dedicated servers. Then in below, we will directly review HostGator Windows-based dedicated server from features, stability, speed, prices and support.

HostGator Windows Dedicated Server Features

HostGator Windows dedicated server is fully managed based on Windows Server 2012 OS. Customers will get Plesk 12 control panel free of charge. Moreover, WebMatrix is ready for optimizing website management.

HostGator supports customers to create 3 database connections on its Windows dedicated servers. The company does not limit the amount of MSSQL and MySQL either. In addition to that, HostGator also supports ASP, ASP.NET 4.5/4.0/3.5/2.0, PHP, Python, Perl, SSI, MVC, GD Library, LINQ, etc.

What’s more, each HostGator Windows dedicated server comes with SmarterBundle Professional License, Enom Domain Name Reseller Account and over 4,500 website templates all at no additional cost.

Specifically, HostGator tailors 4 plans that are different on CPU, space, bandwidth and so on. The smallest plan is called Basic, including:

  • Intel Xeon CPU with dual cores and 2.3 GHz speed;
  • 4 GB RAM;
  • 500 GB RAID-1 disk space;
  • 10 TB bandwidth;
  • 2 dedicated IP addresses.

Is HostGator Windows Dedicated Server Stable and Speedy?

From above feature review, we have already known that HostGator dedicated servers are setup with Intel Xeon processors, RAID-1 drives and Windows Server 2012 OS. Moreover, other 3 more advanced packages have quad cores, higher CPU speed values and up to 16 GB RAM.

Next, let’s check datacenters, which are homes to servers. HostGator mainly takes advantage of 2 datacenters in Texas and Utah, USA. It also houses some servers in other places in the world. The one in Texas is world-class CyrusOne. This datacenter has 300 thousand square feet, cooled by redundant CRAH units, chillers, and on-site water storage. Furthermore, power is redundant to supply all equipment inside the datacenter including servers.

In terms of network responsible for transferring data, HostGator also care about it. It partners with ATT, Comcast, NTT, Global Crossing, etc. industry-leading bandwidth providers. Equipment composed of network infrastructure is from well-known manufacturers, such as Arista Networks.

Overall, due to powerful servers, datacenters and network, HostGator Windows dedicated server can offer customers premium stability and speed.

Price Review of HostGator Windows Dedicated Server

HostGator now gives 40% off on its Windows dedicated servers. The Basic package is regularly at $174 per month. After 40% off, the price is renewed at $105 each month. What’s more, HostGator promotional prices apply to all billing cycles, from 1 month to 36 months.

HostGator Promotions HostGator Promotions
40% off

HostGator accepts credit card and PayPal.

If customers want HostGator Windows dedicated server, paying for a long billing cycle to save more is our recommendation. If people doubt it and want to try first, they can choose 1-month billing contract.

HostGator Technical Support Review

HostGator has an award-winning technical support team and provides support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. More than that, it is easy to talk with one technician of the team via phone, live chat and the ticket system. All supporting technicians are friendly to treat each customer with their rich knowledge and experience. Additionally, people could access HostGator community and support portal to find out resources and help them out by themselves.

HostGator is the Best Windows Dedicated Server Provider

To sum up, HostGator Windows dedicated server has 4 size-different packages. The OS, databases, programming languages, Plesk control panel, etc. are the latest and advanced. Stability and speed are outstanding. 24/7 technical support is convenient. Plus 40% off discounts and low costs compared to other dedicated servers, HostGator Windows dedicated server has high price value and it is even named as one of the Best Windows Dedicated Server by our site.

Please visit for more information.

GoDaddy – Cheapest Windows Dedicated Server

Windows hosting is expensive, let alone advanced Windows dedicated servers. So, for businesses with a tight budget, get a cheap Windows dedicated server is especially important. After reviewing and comparing, we find out that GoDaddy offers best cheap Windows dedicated servers in the industry.

Best Cheap Windows Dedicated Server – GoDaddy

GoDaddy is an international company for IT solutions. Its services range over every aspect of IT solutions, such as registering domains, offering web hosting solutions, designing websites, and providing online marketing. Moreover, this company plays a big role on some services. For example, GoDaddy is the largest domain name registrar and one of the biggest web hosting providers in the world.

Since its establishment in 1997, GoDaddy has attracted more than 13 million customers and counting throughout the world.

GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Server is Cheap

After reviewing a number of Windows dedicated servers, we find out that GoDaddy Windows dedicated server is really cheap. More than that, customers can try it for free of risk.

GoDaddy fixes a starting price on its Windows dedicated servers at $149.99/mo. After recent GoDaddy dedicated server promotion, the starting price renews at $99.99/mo only and customers will save over 30% off. Note that the promotional prices apply to billing cycles that are over 1 year, including 1 year.

GoDaddy Windows Dedicated GoDaddy Windows Dedicated
30% Off

As an international company, GoDaddy accepted payment methods are different while billing countries and currencies are different. For example, if people choose to pay via USD, then no matter where they are, they can use VISA, Discover, American Express, Union Pay, Master Card, JCB, Diner’s Club, PayPal, ISC, gift card, and Good As Gold.

More than that, GoDaddy Windows dedicated servers has 45 Day Money Back Guarantee. Do not like its servers? Just go to its support team and ask for a full refund within the first 45 days.

Feature Review of GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Server

Besides low costs, GoDaddy provides feature-richer Windows dedicated servers than many of its competitors.

For OS, GoDaddy gives options between Windows 2008 and Windows 2012.

For levels of management, this company also supports customers to choose self-managed, managed, or fully managed services. Customers will not get control panels and backups from GoDaddy if they choose self-managed servers. Other 2 levels have Plesk control panels for customers. But the self-managed servers are cheapest. If customers are technical and want to save costs, self-managed servers are recommended.

In terms of specific plans, GoDaddy designs 5 plans based on all operating systems and management levels. The entry-level plan comes with 2 GB RAM, 512 GB storage, and 5 TB monthly bandwidth. This plan just charges at $99.99/mo with self-managed level.

What’s more, it generally costs minutes to set up GoDaddy Windows dedicated server. When needs grow, customers can upgrade their plans anytime and they need not provision their servers again.

Uptime and Speed Review of GoDaddy Windows Dedicated Server

GoDaddy Windows dedicated server performance is not best-in-class. But it offers much better performance than many cheap Windows dedicated servers. Furthermore, GoDaddy Windows dedicated server has 99.9% uptime guarantee.

In total, GoDaddy houses its Windows dedicated servers in 5 data centers. They are standard to ensure that servers have enough power and cool temperature 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if regular power fails, there are backup generators and power banks standby to work anytime.

In addition to that, the web host configures its servers with the latest generation Intel Xeon processors. It even takes advantage of RAID 1 technology to improve data security and reliable performance. On-site engineers are monitoring servers around the clock as well.

GoDaddy Customer Support for Windows Dedicated Server

GoDaddy has great support for its customers. But, compared with other web hosts, GoDaddy need improving convenience to access its support team.

Ticket and phone are main methods that GoDaddy offers to customers 24 hours a day. But live chat is a more popular way for people to use these days. However, GoDaddy provides live chat support within its working time. For people outside USA, it is not easy to get contact with GoDaddy technicians via live chat.

In addition to regular support for every customer, GoDaddy dedicated team provides unlimited server admin services at no cost for customers who buy fully managed Windows dedicated server. The web host encourages customers to solve problems by themselves as well. Customers can visit GoDaddy help center to check FAQs, tutorials, and other useful resources.

GoDaddy is the Best Cheap Windows Dedicated Server

Starting at less than $100/mo, GoDaddy Windows dedicated server is really cheap. Other web hosts, like Rackspace, will charge several hundred dollars each month. As for features, uptime, speed, and customer support, GoDaddy does not do the best. But among cheap Windows dedicated server providers, it does well. So, we name GoDaddy as the best cheap Windows dedicated server provider and recommend it to customers with a tight budget.

For more information about GoDaddy, please visit


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