Best PHP Hosting

Best PHP Hosting

With the appearing of PHP hosting, more and more developers tend to choose it as the programming languages. Coincidentally, in the industry markets, web hosting companies also have brought it into their hosting packages. 

What Is PHP?

PHP, the technically written as PHP: Hypertext Processor, is a widely used open source multipurpose scripting language which is especially suitable for web development. The script of PHP is operating in server-side, and like almost all of the source code available, PHP is fully free for downloading and using. 
Except for itself innovative syntax, PHP syntax is also mixed up with the features of C, Java and Perl. Relatively, PHP is faster for program development, operation and easy to edit and study. So this kind of practical scripting language is more attractive for beginners. 
Compared with other programming languages, the most prominent feature is that, PHP can perform dynamic web pages faster since the commands are embedded in Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) templates originate at the server instead of lots of commands to output HTML. By this way, the efficiency is much higher than those of CGI which needs to entirely generate the HTML tags. With the strong function, PHP can achieve all the functions contained in CGI. 

Why Use PHP hosting?

PHP is a very common platform for website development; also, it is required for WordPress as well as can support Facebook programming, so almost all web hosting companies support PHP. 

PHP can do anything!

As the introduction of PHP official website PHP is fast, flexible and pragmatic; PHP can make everything from your blog powerful and make it become the most popular websites in the world . PHP really can do anything besides below lists:
PHP can generate the dynamic content pages.
PHP can create, open, read, read-in, delete and close the files in server.
PHP can accept form data.
PHP can send and receive cookies.
PHP can add, delete, and modify the data of database.
PHP can restrict users not to visit some pages of websites. 
PHP can encrypt for data.
What’s more, via PHP, you can not only output HTML, but also output images, PDF files, even Flash video as well as any text files including of XHTML, XML, etc. 

More advantages!

With so many functions, PHP also has much more advantages which can meet the programming requests. 
Since PHP is an open source language, it is free for any PHP projects. Programmers can amend the kernel whenever they need and also it can be used for commercial purposes. 
Most web hosts provide it in their hosting packages without any extra charge and provide the update of PHP scripts. Also, users can download from the official website to install in the control panel by themselves. 
PHP scripts are operating in server level. So it can operate on most of the platforms including Unix, Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android, etc. 
PHP code operates in server-side, then the results was reflected to browsers in the form of plain text
PHP supports almost all of the databases (MSSQL, MySQL database) and compatible with web servers (Apache, IIS)
Easy to use for the beginners. There are lots of tutorials on Internet to help users to get started.
The biggest bright spot is that with the coming of PHP, websites became much more dynamic, responsive, and easier to set up, which replace the condition that the in the beginning, websites just created their content with immature HTML in text editors with an occasional bitmap image. In addition to WordPress, Facebook, more and more other applications choose PHP to develop their new projects.

Best PHP Hosting To Go With

Bisend offers the best PHP hosting service. To keep the PHP version always available, this hosting company has installed the best version of PHP in the hosting packages.
Bisend is a fast-growing web hosting provider that is based in Chicago, U.S. and Hong Kong, China, which provides the services covering shared hosting, VPS and reseller hosting, in addition to domain name registration and SSL certificates. With Bisend hosting service, customers can benefit from the free SSD storage, cutting-edge hardware and infrastructure, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, plus 100% customer satisfaction.

Rich PHP Features Offered by Bisend  

Below are some highlighted features bundled into Bisend PHP hosting that every customer would appreciate with:
PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, PHP 7.0.x, Zend Optimizer;
MySQL 5.5+, SQL Server 2012/2014/2016, remote database access on MySQL & MSSQL;
Free SSL certificates, customized .htaccess, 301 URL Rewrite, email anti-spam & anti-virus, hotlink protection;
Meanwhile, Bisend PHP hosting comes with many other user-friendly and advanced tools to help customers build a good-looking yet professional online presence quickly and easily.

Plesk control panel

Bisend is cooperating with the world’s leading WebOps hosting platform—Plesk, to offer customers extremely user-friendly hosting experiences. The PHP is installed in Plesk and keeping update for the versions. Now the PHP in Plesk is the latest version 7.1.0 and there are other versions for options. 
The PHP functions is based on the website so these settings are only for the relevant website and do not affect other websites on the same subscription. With the permission of hosting provider, you can change the PHP configuration.

Besides, in PHP pages, you will find the performance setting, common settings, which usually have been configured as default. And there is FastCGI settings, users can enable this functions to set up some projects. 

Backup & Recovery

Bisend is responsible for performing a daily differential backup and a weekly full backup. In any case customers face entire site offline and data loss, they can have it restored quickly from the automated backups.

Affordable Pricing 

Comparing with other web hosting provider, the price in Bisend is absolutely affordable. There are three kinds of packages: Standard, Pro and Business. The regular price of Bisend shared web hosting starts at $7.99/mo. Recently, a promotion for the hosting service is offered up to 64% discounts off. After discounting, the entry level plan will instead charge for $2.95/mo only. The below image shows the details of Bisend shared web hosting promotion. 

Quality Customer Service

A professional technical support team available has been a criterion of the best PHP hosting provider. Bisend prides itself on providing customers with the highest level of support whenever customers need help.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Bisend has an industry standard 30-day money back guarantee. It is especially re-assuring if customers are pre-paying for an entire year to better pricing.
Generally speaking, besides PHP, Bisend supports much more functions and features, which will provide you excellent user-experience. This web hosting company is new but growing rapidly now. If you are looking for more information about Bisend, please visit

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