What is Domain Name?

What is Domain Name?

Domain name is the most important element of your website used to access to the web pages. To start a website, the first consideration is to wise up to the domain name and pick out a proper one. We can say that many people know little about what domain name is and even confuse it with URL.

URL, short for Universal Resource Locator, is a string of specific letters used as an address pointing to a website. Actually, domain name is a part of a URL as well as the most recognized section of the website address. An example of a typical URL should be “http://host4asp.net“, among which the “host4asp.net” is the domain name.

The Definition of Domain Name

A domain name is the one and only name used to distinguish your website from others, which is registered in the Domain Name System (DNS). In general, domain name is organized from right to left and consists of top level domain (TLD), second level domain and third level domain.

The top-level domain commonly refers to the suffix of a domain name, such as .com, .net, .biz, .org, and so on. The second domain name is below a TLD while the third domain name is the equivalent of a subdomian. Take “host4asp.net” as an example, it includes the TLD “.net” and the second level domain “host4asp”.

When it comes to subdomain, addon domain and parked domain, many readers cannot pinpoint the differences among them and may ask the same question – what can they do with those three items. Frankly, each of them has specific function, with which you can develop the website in an effective way to save a lot of money and effort. In the following, we make an in-depth introduction of sub, addon and parked domain one by one.

· Subdomain

what is domain name - sundomainSubdomain is the third level domain, which is commonly regarded as a second website for it has its own content. Often, the existing domain name is like “www.example.com”, among which you can use another name instead of the “www” to point a new web page.  For instance, if there is a section named as blog on your website, you can use the subdomain “blog.example.com” to directly point to the blog page.

To be honest, subdomain is a budget method to run a website because you can build multiple sub-sites attaching to your website. Now, many reliable hosting providers offer unlimited subdomains allowing customers to create as many web presences as they want on one account.

· Addon Domain

Addon domain is similar to subdomain but there are some differences between them indeed. If you need to create multiple websites separately with unique web content but only have registered one account, you can create an addon domain under the public_html directory, which stores the files and data on the website. The entire operation can be carried out on the control panel. Because an addon domain looks different from the primary domain, your visitors cannot recognize it and may regard it as an independent website.

· Parked Domain

what is domain name - parked domainParked domains allow multiple domain names to point to one website. For some people wish to make their sites more likely to be searched by visitors on the Internet, parked domains can make a big difference on advertising purpose. For example, if the primary domain name is “domainname.com”, you can use “domainname1.com”, “domainname2.com”, “domainname3.com” or some other parked domains to load the same web content as the primary one. To make you website be searched by people as far as possible, that’s part of parked domain’s charm.